Through Water & Fire: Free sample

Prologue“In the begynnynge …” White stars shone fiercely over the deep black waters of the North Sea as the Greyhound slid into Blakeney port. Newly arrived from Europe and riding low in the water, she groaned and listed as the helmsman brought her in alongside the quay. Ropes were cast, oars shipped, lanterns lit, and the gangway lowered to the shore. After two long…

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Bridging the gap

‘Out of the Smoke’ Author’s Commentary Chapter 5: The Eagle and Child The two boys left Aggie’s shop with their pockets heavy and their hearts light. ‘Out of the Smoke’ Chapter 5: The Eagle and Child When JRR Tolkien was writing ‘The Two Towers’ he came to an impasse at the end of the first half, later writing, “and there as the beacons flared…

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The convenience of eavesdropping

‘Out of the Smoke’ Author’s Commentary Chapter 4: Aggie The shop was narrow, but deceptively deep; Aggie’s counter lay at the far end, through a dusty maze of ancient display cabinets. A gas-lamp burned in the depths, barely illuminating the cave. Aggie’s voice dropped low and continued speaking, picking up the conversation from which it had been interrupted.“What was it ye were sayin’? About…

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