About the Author

I currently live in Greenwich, London (UK) with my wife and three children, and I fit my writing around a full-time job supporting deaf students in a college.

I have just released my first book, a young adult historical adventure inspired by the work of Victorian philanthropist and child welfare campaigner Lord Shaftesbury.

‘Out of the Smoke’, which follows Billy the chimney sweep from life on the streets to life in a London gang, is available now from all good retailers.

About the Writing

Like many writers, I’ve been writing books for as long as I can remember, jotting down ideas for stories and characters and running up several chapters before abandoning each project and moving on to the next.

My love for historical fiction was born when a friend suggested I look into the life of Lord Shaftesbury. I was inspired by his selfless devotion to people far below his social standing, to the point where he would visit the most dangerous slums in the poorest areas of London, as well as the hellish environments of the work-houses and the mines, where children as young as three years old suffered in perpetual slavery.

I plan to write and release more historical fiction; my latest project is set in the turbulent years of the reign of Henry VIII, when the king was at war with Rome and the Bible in English was a dangerous object to possess …