Book me for an author visit

Having worked in education for over ten years, I’m experienced in delivering content and creating resources for workshops and small groups.

I’m passionate about reading and writing, and I know the impact that reading books has on children and young people of all ages. I’m also extremely passionate about helping young people make the right decisions about friendship groups, life choices, and the way they behave towards each other, and I’m excited to use my books and writing to communicate this.

On this page you’ll find all you need to know about how to book me for a school visit, and testimonials from those who have used my services, materials or books in education.

Signed Author Copies

An author school visit is a great opportunity for students to get a signed copy of their book. I offer a special price of £5 per book for children buying them as part of a school visit. Just let me know if you’d like to take up this offer when you contact me, and we’ll work out the most convenient method of payment for your school.

Even if it’s a virtual visit, my publisher is happy to send signed copies direct to the school. I can take a list of names and write personal messages to the students to give them a memento of the day!



Content of assemblies varies according to size and length, but typically consists of:

  • A short reading
  • A brief inspirational presentation about myself and my journey as an author
  • An opportunity for Q&A
  • Depending on length and size of the audience, some audience participation may be possible


A typical workshop with me lasts around 1-1.5 hours, with around 30 children, and consists of:

  • An interactive reading session
  • Topics for discussion
  • Pre-planned activities eg. role playing, art & design, large format projects
  • Structured writing activities with worksheets provided
  • An opportunity for Q&A

I always ensure my content is delivered in line with the school’s learning aims, and takes into account specific outcomes desired by teachers and SLT. I like to work closely with teachers to make content as accessible and enjoyable as possible for classes.

Smaller Study Groups

I love to use my writing as a launchpad for all kinds of extra-curricular work, and I’m happy to work with smaller groups of up to 10 children for a focused outcome:

  • Encouraging reluctant readers
  • Group writing projects
  • PSHE – Friendships, good decision making, leadership
  • Curriculum-tailored activities eg. history, mathematics, geography, art & design

Virtual Visits

Virtual visits are a great way to set up a quick author visit to tie in with topic work or a particular curriculum focus. I’m happy working on any platform and with any size group, from year group assemblies to smaller reading groups. Activities we can do will depend on technology and the size of the group – contact me for more details.

  • 20 minute sessions are free.
  • 1-hour sessions can be booked as a virtual visit for a 25% discount.

Study Materials

I also have a range of free-to-use study materials available on this webite, including:

  • Word analysis tasks
  • Inference tasks
  • Group and individual activities
  • A full-colour resource sheet

This workbook is free to download, copy and print.


(All fees are in line with the recommendations made by the Society of Authors. More information for schools can be found here.)

Virtual Visit
(20 minutes)
  • Book reading
  • Meet-the-author opporutunity
  • Prepared Q&A
Single Session
(1 hour)
  • Assembly OR
  • 1 workshop OR
  • 1 smaller study group
  • Book reading
  • Book signing
  • Meet-the-author opportunity
Half Day
(3 hours)
  • Assembly
  • Book reading
  • 1 workshop OR
  • 1 smaller study group
  • Book signing
  • Meet-the-author opportunity
Full Day
(6 hours)
  • Assembly
  • Book reading
  • 2-3 workshops
  • Smaller study groups
  • Book signing
  • Meet-the-author opportunity

(Travel costs in addition for in-person visits.)


“These are all skills that some students at Broadway Academy have trouble engaging with, so it was encouraging to see groups from Years 7, 8 and 9 being active participants in these sessions – especially those students with SEN and EAL requirements … The visit was a roaring success with all involved and hopefully the start of regular events to encourage literacy and raise reading levels across Broadway Academy.” – Broadway Academy, Birmingham

“Thank you so much for visiting our book group today. As you saw, there has been loads of enthusiasm for your book and a group of people who are excited about the next one.” – Honour Oak Book Group

“I am an experienced history teacher currently working in a Christian school in Bradford- I can definitely use and recommend this [book] at KS3.” – Rachel March

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and as an English tutor, have found the resources on Matt’s website useful, too.” – Amazon Reviewer


If you’re interested in a visit, or you’d like to talk about how I might be able to get involved with your school, please do get in touch. I’m always happy to hear from teachers who have read my books, and I’m always more than happy to just chat about books and writing!