Resources for parents, teachers and home educators based on ‘Out of the Smoke’


Puzzles and Games

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Teachers & Home Educators

Guided Reading Workbook (Year 5 upwards)

This workbook has been developed in conjunction with experienced teachers.

Each supplement of this workbook covers one chapter of ‘Out of the Smoke’ and comprises a set of worksheets and a PowerPoint presentation containing:

  • Word analysis tasks
  • Inference tasks
  • Group and individual activities
  • A full-colour resource sheet

This workbook is free to download, copy and print. See below for the full list (updated regularly):

Jobs From the Past

Really? Kids did that?? A page with videos and activities based on the journal of Lord Shaftesbury.

‘Lunatic’ Asylums

From the Science Museum, an exploration in words and pictures of the treatment of mental health in the Victorian Era.

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