I offer a limited number of free 20-minute virtual visits to schools every month. Visits can take place over Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts, or another video conferencing tool of your choice.

Alternatively, my 1-hour sessions can be run as a virtual visit. See below for prices.

As an experienced educator, I’ve worked extensively online over the past year, and I’m used to keeping students’ attention over a video feed. I use PowerPoint presentations, and ensure that every session is fully interactive.

What to expect

In your 20 minute session you can choose from:

Topic-Focused Presentation (10 mins)

I’ll give a short presentation on an aspect of history or social development, taking themes from the book in order to relate them to your current topic work or subject area. ‘Out of the Smoke’ covers a variety of different topics, including:

  • Social reform in the 19th century
  • Race in history – Black Victorians
  • Human rights – child labour
  • Personal and social development – constructive relationships
  • And many more – just ask!

Creative Writing Activity

I can run a very brief creative writing activity, with worksheets available to print and give out for continued work in the class once the visit is over. Topics include:

  • Creating a Character – with strengths, flaws, appearance and background
  • What’s the Story? – how to create an exciting plot, with rising tension and effective conflict

Interactive Book Reading (10 mins)

I’ll read a short excerpt from ‘Out of the Smoke’, with the students’ help! Using my PowerPoint slides, students will be assigned different characters’ lines to read in a short scene. I love to get students involved in this way, and it always ends up being engaging and hilarious (mockney accents encouraged!).

Author Q&A (10 mins)

One of the best parts of having a visiting author is the opportunity for students to ask questions: about writing, about books, about stories, and about what they can do to pursue a career in literacy. Especially in virtual visits, it helps to have questions prepared in advance; I’ll arrange this with you to make sure you get the most of of your visit.

Learning Materials

You’ll get access to a full range of learning materials to download and use in the classroom, including language comprehension questions, deeper thinking and analysis, and suggestions for activities.


20 minute visit
  • Choose two modules from the list above to suit your class or group
  • (I’d always recommend chosing an author Q&A and one other module)
1 hour visit
  • Choose three modules from the list above, for a more in-depth session
  • (I’d always recommend chosing an author Q&A and two other modules)

Get in touch!

I’d love to hear from you, to explore options for a virtual visit or just to chat about books! You can use the form below to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you!